Plumbing Work In An Old House

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When renovating an old house it is virtually inevitable that some work will be necessary on the existing Plumbing. This can be difficult as old plumbing generally uses copper piping under the floor of the house, which means that access is difficult as is the actual work. Getting a good seal on copper piping is not an easy task.

Obviously the original builders and plumbers in Dunedin for an old house did not contemplate that someone would want to rip out their work and modernise the plumbing sometime in the future, and so the modern plumber can find that the area under the house is very difficult to work in and maybe covered and rocks and glass and other rubbish which the builders tossed in to the site before they put the floor on. The original plumber might also have hung the pipes haphazardly under the floor, with no thought about future work on the piping.


Plumbers who are modernising a bathroom or kitchen I want to use modern plastic piping, and these will need to be connected to the existing copper piping. Plastic piping is much easier to work with and to  bend around corners and joint into modern fittings, but getting a good seal with existing copper piping can be difficult. This difficulty can be aggregated if there is not much space for the parameter work in, for example behind  a vanity or shower base. Stopping  that final leaked  can require multiple attempts and a difficult environment.

A typical problem for plumbers renovating a bathroom or kitchen is that the existing hot water system is low pressure, and inadequate for modern bathroom or kitchen fittings especially mixer taps and shower fittings. The typical plumber will try to encourage the homeowner to replace the low pressure system with a high pressure system, which will cost a few thousand dollars at minimum. There is however a much more simple low-cost solution, which simply involves installing a booster pump on the outlet of the hot water system. The booster plugs into a normal 3 pin plug, and turns on whenever even the smallest amount of water flow is detected, when someone turns on a hot tap in the house. While the booster pump does not provide full mains pressure, it does provide something like it that is very usable for all mixer taps and showers. Booster pumps can be found on TradeMe for less than $200, although the cost of installation will probably also be around $200, as the  pump needs to be jointed to the existing copper piping.

Those Little Moments

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Life is all about those insignificant little moments that are actually awesome but you don’t want to admit to people how cool it is. Like when you Tinder match with a gorgeous young Asian girl in her 20s (you’re totally hot for Asians) and when you ask her what qualities make her dizzy in a man, what she describes is basically you. Yeah this just happened to me, I’m so happy I can hardly concentrate on my work, to be honest. But I don’t want to admit to the girl that it’s a big deal, gotta play it cool like it ain’t no thang, y’know? The last thing I want is for her to find out that this doesn’t happen to me on a regular basis.

So yeah, they’re little moments. Not life-changing, pivotal points in your life, you won’t remember it a week from now. And yet, it’s an absolutely magical feeling. That’s what I mean by little moments, big magic.

The fact that they’re little means, you need to have lots of them. If you only have these every now and again you have a super dull life. Big moments can be rare, like getting married – you probably only want to do that once or twice in a lifetime, half a dozen times max.

As for this cute Asian girl, I asked her out on a date, and she’s taking like half an hour between texts. I told her I was free tomorrow night, half an hour later she said she wasn’t. I ask when she is free, half an hour later she says Sunday… and so on. ARRRGH. That’s why it’s good to get a date as quickly as possible, texting is just plain boring sometimes.

This is the area where we’ll have our date on Sunday. I need to pick a nice cafe.

I eventually did arrange the date, but it took a long time to organise. Like, a very long time. We’ll find out on Sunday whether its worth it or not, but I think it will be. She’s stunningly hot, Christian, but not too prude – she was very forward, not wanting to talk about drama and acting like I started off but getting straight to the point of why I was attracted to Asian girls. So she’s Christian, but she’s sexual. I love it, that’s a great balance. Let’s see where this leads!